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30 Years of experience in the Level Measurement industry!
  • Temperature, Level, and Pressure Sensors.
  • Temperature, level and Pressure Controls.
Complete Control Systems or Simple Single loop Control Panels. We provide Temperature Controls to fit your need.
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30 Years of experience in the Level Measurement industry!
We handle Princo, K-tek, Thomas, Major, Cemco, Madison, & More.
Process Controllers
Thermal Dispersion
Thermal Dispersion Flow / Level / Temperature Switches, No Moving Parts, Low Flow, Sanitary Fittings, Chemical, Air, Fluids.
Thermal Dispersion
RF Impedance Point Level Null Kote technology ignors build-up
Fuji Electric PYH Series
Continous RF Impedance Coming Soon!
Princo Ultrasoncic Level Sensors
Ultra-Sonic HartŪ Compatible Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Magnetostrictive Magnetostrictive Technology The K-TEK AT600 is a highly accurate device
Conductive Level Probes
Conductive Coming Soon!
Float Switches
Float Float Switches Made to order.
Major Model 710
Displacement The MAJOR 710, 720, 730, or 740 Level Control utilizes floats or displacers to provide tank level alarm or control by using a positive magnetic coupling to activate a switch or valve.
Major Model 770
Thru-The-Side Floats The MAJOR 770, 780, 790 is a side mounted float operated liquid Level Switch to magnetically actuate an externally located electrical switch, eliminating conventional seals.
Major Model 685
Pressure The MAJOR 685E is an electro-mechanical Level Control product for remote and local level indication with Hi-Low adjustable switch outputs.

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