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Temperature Control Panels:
    are designed to be installed into almost any temperature application.  Our control panels are pre-wired, and labeled for easy confident installation.
We provide Terminals for all Control wiring. Simply attach your heater, power wiring, and thermocouple (not included) and you are ready to run.  
      Systems come complete with the following:

  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Fused incoming voltage
  • Miniature Circuit Breakers (sized for load)
  • Heavy Duty Contactors (as req.)
  • Control Transformers (as req.)
  • Pilot Light ( HEAT ON ) optional
  • Power On/Off Selector switch

  • Shown with optional Alarm Light.
    Digital Indicating Controllers Programable for Thermocouple or RTD **
    Model Number Temperature
    Volts Phase Max
    Contactor Control
      STD-12A103A 0-1999°F 120VAC 1 3 NO 120VAC 633.00
      STD-48A135A 0-1999°F 240/480VAC 1 or 3 35 Yes 120VAC 775.00
      STD-48A160A 0-1999°F 240/480VAC 1 or 3 60 Yes 120VAC 845.00
      STD-28A135A 0-1999°F 208VAC 1 or 3 35 Yes 120VAC 775.00
      STD-27A135A 0-1999°F 277VAC 1 35 Yes 120VAC 775.00
      STD-48A260A 0-1999°F 480VAC 1 or 3 60 2 120VAC 895.00

    ** Digital Indicating controls come complete with High or low alarm contacts and these contacts can operate an optional Rotating Alarm light. Please Call for more information.

    All Standard systems include terminal connections for external cutoff i.e. High limits, Low level cutoffs, Heat off Switches. Please call us for more information.


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