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Pressure Transducers & Transmitters
Melt Style
Milliamp or Voltage Output

Melt Pressure Transducers with Analog output. Specifically designed for accuracy, stability and repeatability.
  • Fully interchangeable with all existing strain gage melt pressure transducers.
  • 80% output signal for easy calibration.
  • Compatible with all strain gage signal conditioning and readout instrumentation.
  • Armoloy coated diaphragm
  • CE rating
  • Type M
    Converts applied pressure at the point of measurement to a proportional voltage output signal using well established bonded strain gage design principals. The small capillary tube filled with a special mercury isolates the strain gage and electronics from potential thermal damage.

    Type W
    Works Exactly as the Mercury filled system Without Mercury, FILLED with Safe a the new oil product. The W Series is a new product designed by Gefran/ISI. This sensor utilizes state of the art, high temperature strain gage technology for use up to 300° C (572°F). Since no fill material is used, this sensor is the perfect solution for measuring melt pressure during the extrusion of food, food packaging and medical products, as well as in the extrusion of film, sheet, pipe, profile and fiber.

    Style "0" Rigid:  
    The rigid stem smakes installation fast and easy.

    Style "1" Flexible:
      An 18 inch flexible capillary tube w/ a stainless steel armored jacket between the strain gage housing and the stem. These transducers are designed for applications requiring futher thermal isolation or where installation would be otherwise difficult or impractical.

    Style "2" Flexible W/ TC:
      Only one mounting hole is required for installation. The thermocouple or optional RTD is protected from process hazards and can be replaced with out interrupting the pressure signal.

    Analog Output Melt Pressure transducers
    Fill Material
    Analog Output
    Accuracy Class
    Thread Size
    Rigid Stem Length
    Flexible Length

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