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Heavy Duty Drum Heaters!

Product Highlights

  • Great 4" (102mm) coverage area
  • Available for Metal and Poly Tanks
  • Execellent durability and flexibility
  • Grounded serpentine wound heating element meets     NEC 427.23
  • Easy adjustable thermostat control

Please refer to the Product Bulletin for more information.
For Instalation and Operating instructions refer to the
Instruction Manual

  • DHCS Series For Metal Drums
  • DPCS Series For Plastic Drums
  • New Price
    Catalog# Drum Size Watts Volts Diameter Weight Price $ Add To Cart
    DHCS For Metal Drums and Pails (usually in Stock!)
    DHCSX5 55 1200
    22-1/2 5 188.00
    DHCSX3 30 1000
    18-1/2 5 175.00
    DHCSX1 16 700
    14-1/2 5 153.00
    DHCSX0 5 550
    11-1/4 5 140.00
    NEW Higher Wattage Heater (3 week Delivery!)
    DHCSX5H 55 1500
    22-1/2 5 188.00
    DPCS For POLY Drums and Pails
    DPCSX5 55 300
    22-1/2 5 188.00
    DPCSX3 30 250
    18-1/2 5 175.00
    DPCSX1 16 200
    14-1/2 5 153.00
    DPCSX0 5 150
    11-1/4 5 140.00

    Raise Liquid Temperature in Drums with a safe, efficient electric drum heater.

    The Heavy Duty Series Drum Heaters come with a Built-In Thermostat Heater and is specifically designed to assist the flow of viscous materials contained Tanks and Drums.   Easy ON / Easy Off spring clamps Make it Ideal for Quick change over in production!

    The Heavy Duty Series Drum Heater comes in two Wattages, One for metal drums and One for Poly Drums. 120 and 240 volts AC available.   The heat delivered for Metal drums is regulated by a 50-425F thermostat, for Plastic drums the Temperature is limited to a range of 50 - 160 F.   The Heating element is Laminated between two layers of 20 mil fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber and sealed for maximum protection against Moisture and Chemical corrosion.
    The Heavy Duty Series comes with a 6 foot power cord. 120 volt units come with a Nema 5-15 Plug. No Plug is provided for 240 volt drums.

    Max operating temperatures of 425 and 160F

    Heat Up Time for Drum Heaters (Enter Wattage used!)

    Note: ** Ambient Conditions assumed = start up temperatures!
    Drum Size
    Temp Rise Required
    Liquid In TanK
    Enter Wattage Applied
    Heat-up Time Un-Insulated
    Heat-up Time Insulated

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