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Open Coil Immersion Heaters
  • Easily Replacable Heater Element
  • Very Low Watt densities.
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Low Cost
  • UL Listed and CSA Approved.
  • Asphalts, Oils, Corrosives
    Open Coil Pipe Insert Heaters are designed to insert into a horizontal 3" pipe mounted just above the anticipated sludge level in the tank and below the expected minimum operational fluid level. These units provide a low watt density over a large surface area and are used to heat sensitive fluids. Advantages include the ability to change the heater without draining the tank and to provide up to a Schedule 80 pipe wall in mildly corrosive fluids.
    Heater pipes can be customer supplied or Built in to the Heater. Pipes can be welded into the tank wall or can be attached with an ANSI flange. We can also provide a weather-resistant terminal box with NPT threads attached to the end of the heater pipe. We provide complete Set up Instructions and Controls for monitoring and controlling tank temperature.
    Some Standard Sizes are listed below but we manufacture in various watt densities and lengths.

    These heaters are used for Heavy oils, Asphalts, corrosive material or simply any tank that can't ever be drained for service.
    Our Control Systems are designed to make this a complete working system.
There are to many options to provide Pricing on the Internet,
so give us a CALL for a complete system price, layout and installation guide.
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Item #

Pipe Length

Power at 480 V

Cold Length


797-129915 48 inches 3.95 kW 12 inches 15 W/inČ
797-129916 60 inches 5.5 kW 12 inches 15 W/inČ
797-129917 72 inches 7.25 kW 12 inches 15 W/inČ
797-129918 84 inches 9 kW 12 inches 15 W/inČ
797-129919 96 inches 10.5 kW 12 inches 15 W/inČ
797-129920 108 inches 12 kW 12 inches 15 W/inČ
797-129921 120 inches 14 kW 12 inches 15 W/inČ
797-129922 132 inches 16.5 kW 12 inches 15 W/inČ
797-129923 144 inches 17.5 kW 12 inches 15 W/inČ
797-129924 156 inches 19 kW 12 inches 15 W/inČ
797-129925 168 inches 20 kW 12 inches 15 W/inČ
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    Tank Heating Control Panels:

    Go To Our Temperature Control Panel Page Temperature Control Panels
    We manufacture a complete range of temperature control panels designed for Electric & Steam Heat pre-wired and on our shelf for quick ship
    Our Model# STD-48A335A is Designed specifically for Electric Heater Service and Includes:
      • Digital Temperature Controls
      • High Temp Alarms (Indicator Only)
      • Fused Output
      • High Cycle Mercury Contactors
      • On the Shelf For Quick Delivery
      • Mounted and Tagged to a clearly labeled terminal strip for easy installation.
      • Temperature Controller Literature

    We also Sell systems using:

    • Silicon Mats
    • Steam Coils
    • Circulation Systems
      • steam
      • heat transfer oils

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