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We Stock Aitken Heating Elements
Portable Electic Heaters 4.5KW to 13.5KW

Aitken Infared Heaters are designed for Industrial on the line people heaters.

    The Infraed energy passes through the air and heats the object or person below.
    Spot Heating of work stations without heating the entire warehouse.

Versatile People Heaters
Whenever you have a heating problem that does not require a permanent installation, here is your most economical answer.

Features are:

4.5 KW Capacity
Delivers 15,300 BTU's of Sunlike radiant heat, up to 10 feet away (indoors).
6 KW Capacity
Delivers 20,000 BTU's of Sunlike radiant heat, up to 12 feet away (indoors).
13.5 KW Capacity
Delivers 45,000 BTU's of Sunlike radiant heat, up to 20 feet away (indoors).
Provides Warmth

Heat coverage within a 90° arc up to 12 feet away (indoor) on a 6 KW: within a 90° arc op to 10 feet away on the 4.5 KW
Nearly indestructible
Made of heavy gauge aluminum with impact-resistant heating elements.
Can be operated from welder outlets, disconnect switches or lighting distribution centers.
Operates in any position
Standing upright, on its back, side or face.
Removable heating units
Where space requires, the heater can be removed from the cart by loosening one bolt (on 6 KW unit only).
No Combustion by-products, no fumes, no vents required.
Can be operated indoors or out, or hosed off to clean, when not energized.
Specifications / Wiring / Dimensions
Heater Selection
Model Wattage Select Voltage Phase Price Add To Cart
PHX-45X 4,500
1 $814.50
PPH-6X 6,000
*3 $1129.50
SH-135X 13,500
*3 $1732.50
*Can be field wired for single Phase
Replacement Elements
Model Wattage Select Voltage Price Add To Cart
HE-20XX 2,000
HE-45XX 4,500

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