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Floor Heating for Tile or Hardwood Floors
Radiant Floor Heating

  • Retro-Fit
  • New Construction
  • Fits between Standard floor Joist 16" Centers
  • Comfortable Gentle heat!
  • 120 Volt
  • 20% more efficient to operate than Baseboard
  •       The Most Comfortable living environment. Radiant Floor heat distributes the heat evenly throughout the entire room. No cold spots. Radiant heating doesn't intrude on your living space, delivering heat comfortably, silently and invisibly. Because Radiant heat does not rely on fans or air movement, there is less dust in the air and no place for fungus and bacteria to grow and spread.

    You can add Radiant floor heat to your existing conventional foundation home easily without removing the floor. Simply attach the mats between the Joist, wire to thermostat, add insulation and enjoy the comfortable heat.

    Floor Warming Instruction Manual    How It Works!    Floor Heat Planning Guide
    Floor Heat Mats
    (per Foot price $5.76)
    (Qty in Feet)
    FCK Connection Kits Include: 
    Installation Kits Include:
    • Electrical Connectors, 2 for each run
    • Electrical Insulators, 2 for each run
    • Crimping Tool
    • Electrical wire Sufficent for a 20' run from Thermostat to mats.

    Number of Runs is equal to the number of Spaces between Joist that the heaters will run!

    Floor Programmable Thermostat, with CFCI
    Model #TH111-?Volts
    Add Thermostat: $148.00

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