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High Capacity Unit Heaters

238 Series
Large Capacity Industrial Unit Heaters

This Is The Toughest Heater ON the Market!
Made for Industrial Work.
10 KW thru 38.4 KW
Will Take the Abuse of Factory / Warehouse Life!
Unique Design Allows
Air Flows Straight Thru For More Efficient Service!

  • Easy to Install and Service Hinged Control Door permits full access for installation, cleaning and servicing without Removing the heater or losing the Cover. Isolated terminals allow for Cool 75° C hook-up wire.
    • Housing Heavy gauge Galvanized steel with Baked on Powder Coat finish. Side panel removeable to gain full access to element and fan area.
    • Adjustable louvers provide easy air flow adjustments. Wiring diagram attached to the inside of the control box cover.
    • Fan Motor Totally enclosued, impedance protected, unit bearing design with high starting and running torques. Fan motor and controls operate directly off of the line voltage of 208 and 240 volt heaters. (on 277 and 480 volt heaters a transformer is built into the unit to provide proper fan motor and control operation.)
    • Heating Elements Non-glowing design using a bank of tubular Heaters captured by Steel plate fins to provide uniform heat cooler elements which produce and extremely long life.
    • Thermal Cutout is built into the system to automatically shut of heater in event of overheating due to any cause.
  • Electric Unit Heater Selection Chart
    Industrial Heaters are all 3 Phase
    MODEL WATTS BTU/hr. Amps Volts / Price Rise (F) CFM Add to Cart
    238-UL13 12,500 42,650 35 / 31 / 16
    31° 1342
    238-UL15 15,000 51,180 42 / 37 / 19
    38° 1342
    238-UL20 20,000 68240 25
    35° 1,774
    238-UL25 25,000 85,300 31
    66° 1237
    238-UL30 30,000 103,300 37
    79° 1237
    238-UL35 35,000 120,300 43
    61° 1635
    238-UL39 38,400 132,000 47
    70° 1635
    ** All Heaters Come with Swivel Mounting Bracket
    Electric Unit Heater Accessories & Controls
    Catalog # Description Price ADD
    To Cart
    Thermostats 238_T Built-in Adjustable Thermostat 74.00
    1006998 Low Voltage Wall Mount thermostat
    Use on all Heaters except for 3 & 5 Kw Single Phase Units
    Summer/ Winter
    Fan Switch
    238-S Heater / Standby / Fan Only switch kit built-in or remote for all units. Provides summer fan Operation 52.00
    Disconnect Switch 238-D40 Built-in Disconnect Switch **40 Amps Max 77.00

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