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Flanged Inline System

Flanged Inline System


  • Designed for high pressure, high flow applications
  • Air/inert gas temperatures to 1400°F (760°C)
  • Uses SureHeat overtemperature protection system
  • Up to 192kW in a compact 2' (610mm) long size
  • 150 PSI maximum air pressure
  • 304 Stainless Steel ASME welded 300 lb. flanged housing
  • Closed-loop control components are available
  • Maximum inlet temperature 150°F
  • Built-in "K" type thermocouple

The new OSRAM SYLVANIA Flanged Inline System provides the same heating capacity as similar circulation heaters but at only one quarter of the size. Temperature sensors located within the heater itself sense element temperatures and inlet air temperature at the heater lead connection. Because of this system, full power can be applied to the heater without airflow, allowing instantaneous heat response to intermittent air or product flow.

Heater Selection

To determine the proper size heater, plot a point on the Chart below, which defines your required air temperature and flow. The nearest curve to the right and above this point represents the proper heater selection. Then Click here to determine your require Wattage. and check out the definitions and theory Page.

All temperature measurements were created using an exposed junction, 1/16" diameter "K" thermocouple.

Flanged Inline System

Flanged Inline System Operating Manual (PDF)


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