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Republic Blowers
Regenitive Blowers For hot Air Heaters

HRB Series    
Small System Blower
  • Continuous, low-maintenance operation
  • Low noise (6288dB)
  • Saves space and electricity
  • Trouble-free installation (mounts in any axial direction)
  • Easy replacement of parts

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These are some basic size blowers, if your application calls for more airflow, let us know. Other Sizes are available.

Small Package Hot Air Blowers!

Republic Regenerative Blowers
Top Quality Blowers for air heating. This blower is ideal for air heating applications where long life, even air flow and effecient opperation are imperitive. Three standard sizes, many more on request.

Operating Principle
    Air or Gas is pulled into a side channel Through the air inlet and is accelerated by an impeller rotating inside the impeller chamber. The resulting pressurized air or gas is discharged through the exhaust outlet This type o operation is also known as " ring"blower design.

New Price

Catalog# CFM Outlet Size Sound
Weight Price $ Add To Cart
240/480 Dual Voltage 3 Phase Blowers
HRB100 49 1.25" NPT 64 22 $1098.00
HRB200 91 1.25" NPT 66 30 $1259.00
HRB300 141 2" NPT 75 49 $1629.00
120/240 Dual Voltage 1 Phase Blowers
HRB101 49 1.25" NPT 64 23 $1098.00
HRB201 102 1.25" NPT 66 31 $1259.00
HRB301 141 2" NPT 75 50 $1629.00
Click Here For: HRB100 Datasheet
Click Here For: HRB200 Datasheet
Click Here For: HRB300 Datasheet
Republic Regenerative Blowers are available in either single (one impeller) or double (two impeller) stage configurations. The impeller is directly connected to the motor shaft, providing powerful force without undue friction. The bearings are outside the compression chamber, ensuring maximum operational reliability under high differential pressure. This low-maintenance, oil-free design provides continuous, dependable service to our customers.

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