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Infrared Heat Loss Calculator For Industrial Buildings
Fill in the Boxes with the BOLD print and Select the Drop-Down boxes!
Design Temperature:
Lowest Outside Ambient Temperature: Delta T:
Length: Cubic Ft
Air changes Per hour
Heat Loss Area Sq Feet X "U" Factor Btu/Hr/Deg
Window: X 1.13 =
Sky-lights: X 1.40 =
Door: X =
Net Wall: X =
Roof: X =
Perimeter(Lineal): X 0.81 =
Air Change Heat Loss:
Cu.Ft/Hr. X 0.018 =
Total Btu/Hour/Deg: =
Total Watts/Hour/Deg: =
Conventional Electric Heat - Total Watts/Hour: =
Conventional Electric Heat - Total BTU's/Hour: =
t.d using infrared heat
Infrared Electric Heat Required =

Select Heater Size=
Number of heaters Required=
Watts per Sq Foot=
Temperature Rise From Direct Infrared Heaters=
Temperature Rise Using Infrared Heaters=
Total Comfort in Degrees=
***NOTE: This Calculator is to be used as a general guide for Wattage calculation. The information contained with-in is to the best of our knowledge reliable and accurate. However, we in no way warranty this performance or assume liability for any cost or loss produced with this information.

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